Epic adventures

After a quick 50-minute trip from downtown Vancouver, you’ll arrive at the Delta Force Paintball Maple Ridge centre, where you’ll find a paintball facility that stands alone as a new class of paintball for the British Columbia province. Delta Force Paintball in Maple Ridge has an array of themed paintball game zones for you and your fellow players to have fun on throughout a full session.

Naturally, the famous and fast-paced Speedball game zone is here, but we also have a number of other exciting fields for you to play on. Tanks and a village can be found in the more strategically sound Tropic Thunder, but Prison Break’s bus scenario calls for meticulous preparation and execution. The paintball community in Vancouver has finally received a much-needed breath of fresh air. Use the tanks as cover to drive the enemy out of their bunkers, or use the jail bus as a staging area for a SWAT-style operation to free your friend. We’re curious how you plan to approach the eerie graveyard. For further information, view the game zones mentioned below.

You will never forget your time spent playing here, and you will want to come back.

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