Ready, Steady, Go..

The day has finally arrived after a long wait. You and your fellow players arrive at the paintball centre pumped up for a huge day of fun. But you’re wondering how this works. What happens once you go inside?

In a nutshell, there are two 3-hour sessions: morning (9:00am to 12:00pm) and afternoon (12:30pm to 3:30pm), which you can choose from when you book. You check in, get dressed in paintball gear, listen to a quick talk and learn about your gun, and then go shoot other players with paintballs and laugh a lot.

The following is a more detailed description of how your session will go.


Upon arrival You’ll exit the car and go toward the door. You are likely to join the queue where a friendly staff member, manning a table filled with goods, will demonstrate to all those willing to listen various ways they can improve their experience. While you’re making your way to the registration table, browse all the cool goods and useful information. Did you and your group complete the online registration form before coming? If you did, you made a wise decision. You are not required to wait for a seat at the table. Give your name to the waiting marshal to proceed to the next stage of your session.


As you enter our base camp, you’ll be given your battling gear for the session. Except for the rifle, all of the gear (or similar) seen in the photograph below is included in the entry fee.

Of course, how much of everything you wear is entirely up to you, though a paintball mask must be worn. The majority of this equipment is exclusive to Delta Force Paintball and has been created and specifically designed by and for us over many years in order for us to be the best in the industry. It’s time to locate a comfortable spot inside the base camp and get ready to play. This is your safe zone for the session, and the high fencing prevents any stray paintballs from entering. There’s no need to put on the mask just yet. If you want, you can purchase a snack or a drink, as well as extra paintball ammunition.


Simply put, no one is allowed to play paintball unless the marshals are satisfied that everyone listened attentively throughout the brief safety speech. You’ll learn how to stay safe on the battlefield, what to do if you’re hit, and why you might need a marshal. You’ll also learn how to correctly use your paintball gun, so pay attention and focus. Teams are formed from the numerous groupings of players that are present.


Armed with the information you need to get out there and have a good time, it’s time to put on your mask and head through the gun locker to retrieve your weapon. This is your closest friend out in the field, so take care of it. Paintball began as a tool to label trees in the forestry business; thus, you’ll hear marshals refer to these markers by their correct names. Do you want to shoot a few shots before the fight starts? You’ll see a practice target range immediately after obtaining your marker, where you may take a few shots to get your eye in. Suddenly, the confidence grows. Let’s go play paintball.


Your squad will be accompanied by one or more of our fully trained marshals, You’re going to love yours! These individuals are incredible. Unlike many of our competitors’ marshals, who merely stand back and seem bored as you struggle through a game of paintball, our marshals genuinely enjoy their profession. They will guide you to the paintball game zone (which is typically movie-quality, paintball-specific layouts and structures) and provide you with an energetic summary of the game you are going to play. And if you think they’ll let you fight the enemy alone, you’re dead wrong. Your marshals will accompany you into combat without ever firing a shot. That is your responsibility. The marshals serve as field commander, medic (for any dirty firearms or masks), spotter, and referee. They’ll keep a close eye on the younger players to ensure they’re having fun and getting a fair share of the action. They’ll give you ideas and tips on how to fulfill the game’s objectives, and they’ll motivate and instill confidence in all players under their command. Your first game will be done before you realize it, and you’ll know if you have Rambo’s blood racing through your veins as you discharge volley after volley of ammo on the opposing players or whether you are more of a silent assassin. Will you be the one to lead your team to victory? Will you be one of the highly respected soldiers who faithfully carry out your leader’s orders? You’ll soon find out who you are if you have a weapon in your hand and are under enemy fire.



You assemble with your friends once again, with a little sadness that it’s all coming to a close, and joyfully chat about the action you’ve engaged in. But the marshals aren’t done yet since it’s presentation time. The scores from the sessions are tallied, and your marshals give their recommendations for the Top Gun honors. The victorious side is declared, and those who drew the attention of their marshals during the conflict receive a reward for bravery, or possibly simply for being the most valuable. Then it’s time to return your gear, say farewell to your devoted marshals, and make your way back to the car. However, don’t expect a peaceful ride home! Everyone is still buzzing and eager to tell stories about their personal experiences and accomplishments during the various missions. Another amazing session at Vancouver Delta Force has concluded, and you’re on your way home, listening to everyone in the car make promises to return. And many will.