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A new era of paintball has now begun in Canada and the Vancouver paintball community was the first to benefit. Game zones featuring pallets, hay bales, old cars and tyres to play between are not an exciting environment for the players. They are really not what the discerning paintballer is paying for at all. Thankfully though, there is now a far more professional choice.

With more than a quarter century of experience behind us now, and the echoing laughter of more than 5 million players bouncing off our game zone fencing; we know we can deliver a day of paintball unseen in Paintball Vancouver prior to our arrival. Globally Delta Force Paintball, as the world’s largest, is famous for offering a unique experience of quality, high energy paintball games that no other paintball centre can match.

State of the art equipment, movie-set quality paintball scenarios set into the natural landscape and committed, professional staff ensures that your day with us will soar above all expectations and provide memories for a lifetime.

Delta Force Paintball has multiple locations across Canada, visit canadapaintballing.ca to find the paintball centre closest to you.