Resident Evil. Grave Dangers.

Deep in the wastelands, far from civilization, a little-known crypt lies hidden. Stories have filtered down from father to son for a thousand generations of mortals during significant ceremonies and celebrations. The tales warn of the dangers to those who dare enter. Legends linger as time goes by of the resident evil that ‘lives’ beneath the crypt with a thirst for human flesh. Fear is not an option. Your team is fully trained and equipped with the best gear. Now you have the expertise to get the job done and make it out alive.

Giant tombstones and coffins scattered throughout the terrain make good cover as you attempt to infiltrate the zombies lair.

Steal the ancient artifacts and get the hell out of there! If you don’t, your team of treasure hunters will become another line in the ghostly legend destined to be told forever. Can you avoid capture by the zombies in Resident Evil? It’s time to find out – book now at Delta Force Paintball.

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