Paintball Base Camp

The Delta Force Paintball base camp is where you will see yourself turn from average Joe to squadron hero, all with the addition of a combat suit and mask. The paintball base camp is a a place where you can grab some of the other great extras we have to make your day extra special! Onesie anyone? This is the strategy room, the celebration room, and the party room, all in one!

Pump up the team at base camp!

Our base camp is the resting area at the centre and your headquarters for the day. It is a fully contained safe zone where you can prepare for battle and get pumped up for the big games. It also comes complete with music to get the excitement going! The base camp will provide you and your team with snacks, supplies, paintballs and more. Guests at the centre who are not participating are welcome to rest here. You can set up to celebrate birthdays with cake, take photos and welcome your friends when they return from battle. We also have lockers available to hire to store your valuables.

Game Zones