D-Day – the Invasion is on!

It’s June 6, 1944. D-Day. Your crew has been loaded into the landing craft specifically designed to transport troops and machinery into battle. The Axis forces occupy these foreign beaches and territory and it’s time the Allies took it back!

With little time for fear or planning, your hardy platoon of Marines break the surf line. You are moments away from attempting to breach the enemy lines. This will be the turning point of the war, and well over half a year has gone into the planning of this battle. And now, only a few waves away, the door ramps will drop and you will throw yourself into combat against a foe determined to repel you.

Rally your comrades and flank the enemy in their protective bunkers. Clear the way for the landings to follow, and help the free world remain that way for generations to come. Will you manage to secure a victory? Book a day at Delta Force Paintball and test your skills.

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