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Hen Parties


Paintball hen parties?

Yes, it’s a ‘boys game’ but girls play too! But, as Maid of Honour, here’s your chance to ensure your best friend doesn’t get put through some glorified tea party on the eve of her big day? She’s going to look gorgeous in that wedding dress you helped her pick out and soon her life committed to the man she loves will begin. You want to provide an activity that will excite and thrill her but you can’t risk her sporting bruises on her wedding day either. Delta Force Paintball has you covered. We can offer you the perfect activity to match the greatest of hen parties.  Provide yourself and your girlfriends action, laughter and an all round good time in complete safety and let us help you make certain the ‘bride to be’ not only is the centre of attention, but survives unscathed to radiate as she delivers her vows.

Paintball? Really? Yep, the girls love it! We’ve literally had hundreds of thousands of women and girls get outdoors and play paintball with our various Delta Force Paintball centres around the globe.

Does it hurt? It’s a common fear and a valid question indeed. You’ll be playing with, and looked after by the largest paintball company in the world by a very, very long margin. Our 100% safety record speaks for itself as do the testimonials from so many female players, all of whom are pleasantly surprised to find that the kit we supply you puts your fears to rest. With full head and neck protection, full length combat outfit and a light weight armoured vest to protect the upper torso, a day out with us will be a comfortable and extremely enjoyable experience for your entire group.


However, the more adventurous girls may well want to strike out and do battle in bright outfits. That always makes for an even better day, so feel free to bring along your own props for the bride-to-be to wear. Crazy head dresses and the like are popular also. We thrive on delivering special games for the lucky lady. After all, making her the focus of all that’s going on just makes sense right? And this is where true friendships are forged and strengthened… will you provide cover fire for the ‘bride bandit’ as she escape the prison bus? Or will you be a guard intent on delivering her to her fate?

Delta Force Paintball is an easy 30 min cruise from the centre of Vancouver ensuring all of your party will not only be able to attend, but then hop back into town party the night away.

For a hens party you’ll remember long after the wedding, come to Delta Force Paintball!

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