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Birthday Party Ideas at Delta Force Paintball

Paintball is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and with Delta Force Paintball maintaining a 100% safety record, a birthday party at Delta Force Vancouver is one of the best birthday party ideas for your children and their friends.

The kids (or the child within you) will have the time of their lives as they roam our movie-set scenarios trying to scope out the opposition. It’ll be the best birthday party of the year!

On a full day of paintball action the birthday guests could take cover behind giant tanks, storm the castle, help in a prison break and even defeat the lurking zombies. These are just a few games on offer at Delta Force Vancouver, where the Delta Force family has recently arrived to lift the standards in this thrilling, energetic sport.


We have the most action-packed game zones and best equipment in the industry, having safely entertained more than five million players across the globe. For the ultimate paintball adventure it has to be with Delta Force Paintball, the world’s largest operator of paintball games.

All players will be fitted out with a full-length camouflage paintball suit, protective goggles with anti-fog lenses and body armour to protect their upper torso. The paintball gun they will be issued with is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, ensuring your children get the most out of the day. There are marshals with them at all times even when they are out in the game zones. Each player must observe a safety briefing at the start of the day for game rules, safety regulations and equipment use.

Paintball is a game that requires teamwork, a good strategy and excellent communication skills. The kids will learn about all of this whilst having fun – it’s the perfect day out. When it comes to enjoying the best birthday party ideas, Delta Force Paintball has you covered!

Please note that the minimum age to play paintball in Canada is 10 years of age.

Posted in News on 15th June 2016

Last updated 15th June 2016